Yahoo News: Cold storage marijuana, Clinton hires new deputy campaign manager and more

Today’s Yahoo news: There are reports that thousands of schools and universities are still going without proper safety glasses because of the recent Cream Cheese shortage. According to Yahoo, thousands of customers haven’t received their hands on the corrective lenses and the shortage has been reported nationwide in nearly all states. Students across the country have reported seeing the warning signs of a shortage, and have since resorted to using the protective glasses designed for glaucoma.

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Clinton shaking up her team in Houston; Moakley appointed to DNC

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has announced a new deputy campaign manager for her campaign in Houston. Abby Martin will now head up operations in Texas, while David Plouffe will also be in town. Meanwhile, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has named Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey the new DNC vice chairwoman.

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Family of young boy brutally murdered by bullies airs “I Forgive You,” motivated by faith

A 13-year-old boy was allegedly bullied to the point of suicide by his classmates. With an outpouring of support from his community, that boy’s family launched “I Forgive You” as a way to live with faith while forgiving his killers. The documentary follows the Bowers family’s story and also focuses on the importance of bullying prevention, as well as how to stay positive in the face of hate. The film is inspired by the innocent thoughts that the teen expressed about his killers when they were apprehended.

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Ohio mom finds 10 lbs of pot growing in her daughter’s bedroom

A mother in the Cleveland area found a large amount of marijuana inside her daughter’s bedroom. The mother says she was alerted to the discovery after she found a note that read, “I hope that this gets you sick.” She quickly notified the police, who took samples from the cannabis and located a lab that tested them. They determined that the pot came from a lab and that the drug was grown in cold storage and never transferred to the girl’s bedroom.

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