Toronto man arrested after ‘hate-motivated’ incident in which three buildings were damaged

Canadian man tied a rope to a coat rack on his apartment balcony and climbed down to the ground before the rope snapped and he fell to his death

Police in Toronto have arrested a man for “hate-motivated mischief incidents” that left three downtown buildings damaged, including a shooting that forced one high-rise to be evacuated.

Bricks were found scattered on the ground outside a West Queen West office building, as well as near the building’s entrance and elevator. The building’s owner said they believe it was “probably the shooting and the broken glass” that caused the damage.

A perimeter around the building was created following the shooting and around 1am police say officers broke up a large fight that occurred in the area. One man was arrested shortly after and held in custody for investigation of mischief.

“Following an extensive investigation, the local police force has made a peace bond order against Mr Krisztian Moroz of Toronto,” Toronto police said in a statement.

Moroz was the name on a missing person flyer issued by police officers in February 2016, who described him as homeless and aged 25 to 35. A brief police report did not indicate that he is suspected of committing a crime, only saying that he has “mental health issues”.

Toronto police said the arrest has no connection to the shooting, and that they had not been notified by the shooting victim that he was afraid for his safety.

Police had said that they could not confirm who the man was, or that he was a suspect in any crime. They said they would not release a photo of him because they had not obtained a warrant to obtain one.

Police said they did not know the cause of the shooting at the time, but that an unidentified suspect appeared to have fired shots outside of the building. The 53-year-old victim was found with an apparent gunshot wound to the abdomen. He was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition.

Carol Hines, owner of the Blue Light Garage, which shares a line of sight to the building where the shooting took place, told the Toronto Star that she believed the incident was related to the shooting that occurred just a few hours earlier at the Queen West building.

Footage of the shooting on Wednesday showed a man wearing a blue coat on a balcony and firing shots from above. The police said that the incident was being treated as a hate crime.

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