Seattle voters can’t recall socialist Kshama Sawant

Seattle’s city council is meeting Monday to discuss recalling its council member who supports a socialist agenda. But, it appears the effort is doomed to fail.

Though it’s likely councilman Kshama Sawant will not run for reelection because she has been targeted as a socialist by Mayor Ed Murray, the recall, which would not have to be certified until Dec. 10, is still alive.

The Election Protection coalition working with the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington state, which calls for all voters to know where to vote, has sent out another election alert about Sawant’s election and campaign rules.

“A recall election, however, will not be a free and fair election, unless elections officials provide voters with accurate and complete information about what the recall would mean,” the alert states.

Two county polling places have blocked the petition. The first site charges $10 for each person who shows up to vote, and a second location says it won’t register voters.

City attorney Pete Holmes told the sites have been closed based on “a single letter of policy set forth by the state.”

He said both sites cited by a lawyer representing voters have not fully explained how they determine whether a voter is a citizen and eligible to vote in a recall election.

Holmes said they have told the committee to make them more responsive and can’t afford to lose his vote on the case.

Seattle has become a home to major leftist groups. It is home to the anti-war Freedom Road Socialist Organization, which was originally founded in New York to protest Vietnam, and the Socialist Alternative, formerly known as Citizens for a Just Society.

Sawant says she and fellow socialists work to make all city services more efficient and accessible. Her campaign also includes rallying around the Clinton Global Initiative.

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