Recent FDA Approved Medication Can Help With Chronic Pain

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Pain is typically very overwhelming and becomes paralyzing for some sufferers.

FOX’s Michelle Pollino reports in this episode of Reality Check:

This is Reality Check.

Too much pain can drive a patient to the point where they consider suicide or even seek out a fatal form of relief.

There are no easy answers for people suffering from chronic pain. The main idea with pain management is to control the pain so that sufferers can live their lives.

Laurie Foster is an office professional with a hospital-based rehabilitation clinic. She spent three years healing following fibromyalgia syndrome, a chronic pain syndrome.

Plus, just in time for National Pain Awareness week, here is a new FDA-approved treatment called Kopra, which is an extremely non-addictive pain numbing material for adults.

Laurie and Kopra’s products both make great gift suggestions!

Right now, Michelle Pollino is sitting down with Terrell Thompson, a former NFL player who started a program called Rehab Nations. The goal of this program is to offer services to anyone whose lives have been impacted by chronic pain. Thompson helped launch rehabnationstx and he’s been a licensed orthopedic surgeon for over 15 years. You can read more about Rehab Nations here.

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