‘Out Of The Blue’: Michigan Police Say Shooter Opened Fire On Class

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Police say that ‘out of the blue’ suspect Samuel Rodgers opened fire at a high school in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. 13 students and a school resource officer were injured and his age was not immediately released.

At the same time on Friday, a man was shot to death in Los Angeles, California. LA police report that the injured male victim in the shooting is a 27-year-old LA County Correctional Deputy, as was the shooter.

The mother of a young girl involved in the shooting, Karina Parker, is speaking out, as is the husband of the killed deputy.

Then, the counsel of the terminally ill former President John F. Kennedy, speaking for the first time since his death in November, Lee H. Hays and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have released a statement on the 49th anniversary of his assassination in Dallas.

Plus, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Theo Hobson makes a distinction between what people think are normal reactions to violent video games and what actually happen when people play these games.

All this and more as The Kelly File leads her 2016 Presidential Hot Topics.

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