Missouri AG Josh Hawley retracts lie saying Biden is ‘misleading the American people’

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has sent a letter to Vice President Joe Biden criticizing his statements calling into question Kavanaugh’s account of how he viewed pornographic images. The letter does not include the lie, a clear statement in error, according to a reporter’s note Hawley sent the Times. “As first reported in The Washington Post, Vice President Biden is saying that my book describes graphic sexual conversations that I had with Brett Kavanaugh, my friend from high school,” Hawley wrote, echoing a portion of the book that mentions his abusive and intimidating actions with friends.

Many people immediately remarked that Hawley was rehashing and making factual claims of the worst kind.

Since then, Politico revealed that Hawley’s claim was false.

“As I said, Senator Biden has confused fact with fiction. I wrote and wrote extensively, and I stood by that. In fact, I wrote nearly every word of the first draft of Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee,” Hawley told The Daily Beast. “I stand by everything I wrote and stand by the accuracy of those articles.”

Hawley’s office has not responded to requests for comment about the mistake.

According to Politico, Hawley decided not to accept an apology from Biden.

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