Messi: ‘I’ve got no doubts PSG are going to win the Champions League’

With the Olympics being wrapped up, the focus switches to the European football premier league and the competition is starting to heat up with big-name clubs on the hunt for scalps. The last year has been highly successful for the Champions League but it seems like a different ball game on the international stage. As a consequence, Leo Messi thinks PSG can be crowned champions of Europe this year.

A glittering collection of talent is gathering at the Parc des Princes and the amount of media exposure they are enjoying across Europe makes them an unstoppable force. To little surprise, Messi thinks they are worthy winners.

“I know the amount of hype they have attracted since that incredible season,” he told CNN. “They’re getting more and more recognition for what they’re doing there. What they’re doing is amazing. People have fallen in love with them.

“I’m happy to see them win the Ligue 1. The first division is important, but once you get into the Champions League you are about to see how they get used to having so much pressure and so much attention on them.

“They deserve to be there. Last year they almost won it, but they finished third. This year with the players they have bought it could be the perfect place for them.”

Messi and PSG are not foes on the football field and the Argentine said that he has a friendship with the club.

“They know me and my family and we have a good relationship with the club,” he added. “We’re big supporters of PSG but you know it’s more difficult now that I’m not playing in the first team. We tried to see them in the French Cup last year because we went to their stadium in Montpellier. Their fans were absolutely fantastic and it was a great experience.”

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