‘Hampshire With Love’ emails concerning security revealed

Image copyright DLA Piper Image caption Dennis Meadows was murdered in April

The Dennis Meadows Public Order Stewardship Investigation Committee has been granted three emails and two text messages related to security for the “Hampshire With Love”.

Key messages sent on its Blackberry allegedly show that managers feared the crowd response would be hostile.

Dennis Meadows was killed during the Old Trafford attack on 22 April.

Metropolitan Police officers will not face criminal charges over the attack.

The emails, addressed to committee chairman Nick Humphreys, date from March 2017 and include exchanges on intelligence and possible plans for the match.

Mr Humphreys has refused to publish them.

In one of the emails, made public on Friday evening, Liverpool University lecturer Simon Hart, who was on the match committee, joked about fears of violent fans “now that their Midlands or North-West counterparts have been in full retreat”.

Photo caption Download the entire panel set of emails here

Another message on that same day said stadium manager Richard Marshall “really is panicking”.

Eddie Jones, the England rugby head coach, appears in a second message on 6 April, sharing notes from chair Wayne Cook about security at the match.

Police had confirmed to Mr Cook the following day that police officers would be present and ticket checks at the stadium would be thorough.

In a statement given to the committee, his department said the notes had not contained any “specific threats or tips on how to avoid having our people “attacked”.

It also pointed out he and the other members of the match committee had been named in a public TV broadcast two days after the match.

The situation was only noted in the email because one of the other managers was unable to attend the meeting, it added.

In the third email, sent to the chairman on 8 April, a planned media conference by Lancashire County Cricket Club, which was also hosting the match, was mentioned.

Read the full statement on this matter here

In a summary of documents released to the committee, Lancashire said it was not required to attend and had received “no information in relation to public disorder”.

The messages were sent while a report into the stadium attacks was still ongoing.

The Millbrook gaggle of fans, who had been at the Chelsea match earlier that day, arrived at the stadium around midnight, but the attack began soon after kick-off.

Barry Bannan, the younger brother of former England captain Darren Bannan, was one of two men murdered. He was stabbed multiple times.

Police said two men were among six being questioned over the attack. They are being detained at the Broadgreen Police Investigation Centre.

Officers searched the Millbrook “fall over” garden area close to the scene of the attacks.

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