Five of the best (meteorological) smart cars of summer 2018

The window washer. Now there’s even a function to enable people to spray up to 32 times a minute. The “presence” feature. Track your speed and target obstacles with multi-angle views, and it’ll stop you feeling nauseous when you’re on the move – bad news for anyone who prefers a more measured drive. The monitoring feature – reportedly useful for those with a sleep disorder – tells you exactly when your child is asleep.

• Edmunds, £65


Thanks to Bitcoin, crypto tokens and the like, many drivers seem to be increasingly wary of minting their own money. To join the crypto-merry-go-round, you might opt for either Ingenico’s NDC Gold Card, available in many networks, or the mightier Access Token Token Card.

If you prefer to get around cashless, a NDC Gold Card is a necessity, while access Token Token Cards could benefit those (or their friends) who are keen to take part in crypto markets but cannot do so with any security whatsoever.

• NDC Gold Card, €65.50/€140,

• Access Token Token Card, €55,


If a fair number of people will require the use of a crypto-card, what about a smart-pawning money-throwing machine? I was going to go the full-on coin-throwing route, but a smart-money self-destruct button seems a more natural home for the Rs 35,000 worth of Bitcoins that the Electronic Coin Lending Club (ECLC) claims to have lent.

Whether or not you “let the coins go”, ECLC staff will track your movements using your smartphone and, if necessary, call you back when the time is right to freeze the transactions.

• ECLC, Rs 35,000/€50,

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