“As We Determine The Timing And The Characterization Of Our Tents Presence” – Senior US Official

The Trump administration announced this week that troops will be brought home from Iraq, but they will not leave after the country’s new government signs an agreement ensuring they have immunity to Iraqi law.

The US has officially ended its combat mission in Iraq after U.S. forces partnered with Iraqi forces to defeat the Islamic State in 2017.

A senior US official told FOX News that troops will continue supporting the government of Iraq with training and other operations and will not be there “in any way militarily.”

“As we determine the timing and composition of our troop presence, we will cooperate with and support an Iraqi government that accepts assurances of legal immunity for U.S. service members on Iraqi soil,” the official said.

The new government in Iraq has been working to meet various conditions to fulfill the mutual understanding between the two countries. A deal to that effect has not yet been reached, but U.S. officials remain optimistic that it will happen.

An informed US official told me there’s confidence that Iraq will ratify the immunity agreement given a “pattern of sovereignty” under the current Iraqi government.

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