Animal mindsets: Why one photographer stands out

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The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 is going to a new place — and we want you to be there.

The awards celebrate wildlife photography from around the world, and show the stunning results of some of the best-loved wildlife photographers from around the world.

This year the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year award was won by Korean photographer Cho Jun Kim for his striking image of the Asian elephant in the city of Nauru in the South Pacific.

The People’s Choice winner was selected by a worldwide public vote and this year it went to Ai Ranha, a photographer from India.

His image, “Keeping calm in the dusk,” shows a magnificent Indian hornbill — part of the family the group of the Blackbill, or Red-bellied, Hornbill — drawing a campfire around itself.

At first glance the view appears very simple, as the hornbill looks pristine in its tight quarters. But following a few moments the viewer sees the outline of the campfire and a sea of smoke, as the bird dives behind the chimney.

Ai Ranha has described his entry as a “close up of a simple solution — removing the fire to build a hot spring. But this simple solution changes the lives of these birds and their wild loved ones.

“I love this picture because it depicts the beauty of simplicity — how nature works with a very simple and delightful method. Thanks to this image, I want to share with everyone a story of love and determination,” he said in a post accompanying the image.

Airport, India

Photographer: Ai Ranha

Place: Goregaon, Mumbai, India

Nature: Wild birds

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 has been introduced to the People’s Choice Award to show that wildlife photographs can reach a wider audience.

In the U.K., the most popular of the entrants, Chris Lack, is set to become the youngest winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019, when he receives the gong at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Prize Ball at the Royal Society on 27 November.

The eight other winners will also be presented with their prize at the ceremony.

Through the People’s Choice Award, through the People’s Vote, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 aims to show that the winning photos can also reach a wider audience.

The People’s Vote was launched last year in conjunction with the UK Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards to encourage people to share their favourite wildlife images, with the aim of inspiring the next generation of wildlife photographers.

To take part, please click on the arrows above.

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